Ai-Water Purified Alkaline Ionized Machine
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MYR 3600.00
Terms and conditions of purchase as per below: -
  1. The warranty for Water machine is strictly one (1) year from the installation date or thirteen (13) months from the invoice date, whichever is shorter.
  2. The warranty does not cover should the damage is caused of misused or mishandling.
  3.  The installation charges will be bonded by Pro Health Medics for area within Subang & Petaling Jaya. Whereas, an additional charges of RM180.00 will be imposed for installation done outside of these area. However, extension of wiring, if required, will incur charges. All installation are carried out with standard accessories provided. Otherwise, customer’s choice of additional services and accessories are deem chargeable.
  4. These terms and conditions are subjects to change and Pro Health Medics Sdn Bhd reserves the right to terminate should any violation of the T&C are found.

Specifications of Ai-Water Purified. Alkaline. Ionized Water System Plates

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Ionizer Alkaline Water System
  • 1 x pH Tester
  • Manual Book
  • Attachment accessories as per listed

General Features:

SKU :Ai-Water Purified. Alkaline. Ionized Water System
Plate Quantity    : 5 plates
Size :(L x W x H)    8.25 (W) x 13(H) x 4.9 (D) Inches
Weight    :8.0 pounds (3.6kg)
LCD Display Size : 3.2 Inch
Warranty Period  :  1 Year
Warranty Type  :  Local Manufacturer Warranty

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Health Benefits of Drinking Alkaline, Ionized Water