OWGELS 5L O2 Concentrator
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MYR 3300.00

Oxygen therapy: Long-term oxygen therapy has been shown to be a cost-efficient and clinically effective means to treat hypoxemia, a condition in which patients have insufficient oxygen in the blood. Hypoxemic patients are unable to convert oxygen found in the air into the bloodstream in an effective manner, causing organ damage and poor health. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, the most typical example of respiratory chronic conditions including acute respiratory infections, asthma, fatal asphyxia, shock, etc., is a leading cause of hypoxemia. Approximately 34.5 million patients have been diagnosed with COPD, which we believe is reflective of the long-term oxygen therapy market in general. Industry sources estimate 120 million people in the world suffer from COPD, of which one half are undiagnosed.